Arctic Eagle 2016 **Urgent**

Operation Arctic Eagle is one of the more fun and interesting operations that we participate in. The operation takes place at Camp Grayling where our personnel will be interacting in various roles with the US Marines during their annual training.  The details of our participation is fluid as scenarios change, but we may be providing opposition forces.

8, 9, 10 April 2016 @ Camp Grayling.  Personnel should arrive between 1500 HRS and 1900 HRS on Friday, 8 April 2016.  National Guard personnel will brief our troops at 1930 HRS on Friday, 8 April 2016.  Barracks will be provided.

Personnel will be participating in the operations in various different numbers throughout the entire day of Saturday, 09 April 2016.  We will also be participating on Sunday, 10 April 2016, and should be finsihed between 1400 HRS and 1600 HRS.  Persons who need to leave earlier on Sunday can do so.  We are working to be flexible for persons with demanding schedules.

Food will be provided Saturday and Sunday, but I would personally recommend that you bring a couple snacks and some extra water.  Water is also provided, but it doesn’t hurt to be well prepared.  Because we do not know what the weather will do we recommend dressing in layers.  Be prepared to be in a very cold environment.

If you plan to participate, please email SSG Wendy Gilbert via email at:  She needs to know the number of people who will be participating by 25 March 2016, if possible.  This is important so that housing and food can be arranged.  If you miss the 25 March 2016 deadline, you can still participate, but PLEASE let her know by the 25th–if possible.

Also, there is a form that needs to be filled out and returned to SSG Gilbert, which will be posted below.  It is encouraged that you complete this and send it to SSG Gilbert by 25 March 2016.  In any event, SSG Gilbert will need your driver’s license number before you arrive on post.

Travel orders will be sent out by 04 April 2016.

Waiver of Liability Form 14MAR16

Print the Emergency Medical Form (below), fill it out, and keep it in your uniform pocket under the U.S. flag:


erase eagle

erase eagle2


12-13 March 2016 CERT Training in Livingston County (1BN)

This Saturday and Sunday, 1st BN is hosting the CERT Basic Course for Livingston County CERT. This is our UTA for the month of March.

REMEMBER: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS 0200 SUNDAY 13/MARCH! Plan ahead so you are not late!

Those who need to complete the course must register at:

(This link is case sensitive, and really is painless.)


Those who already have completed CERT Basic training are welcome to either:

* Help out on Saturday and attend the UTA portion of the weekend on Sunday from 1200 to 1800.

* Attend the UTA portion of the weekend on Sunday from Noon to 1800.

* Participate in the course to refresh your skills. If you choose this option, you must register at the “” web address above.

The following help is needed:

Saturday, 12/March 0700 – 0900 (2 individuals)

Saturday, 12/March 1000 – 1200 (4 individuals)

Saturday, 12/March – lunch arrangements 1100 – 1300 (2 individuals)

Saturday, 12/March 1600 – 1830 (4 individuals)

Sunday, 13/March 0730 – 0900 (2 individuals)


SUNDAY 13/MARCH 1200 – 1800

All absences must be pre-approved by the Commander.

Uniform for the Course and our UTA is ACU with patrol cap.


For the Commander,

John V. Fauver



Operation Arctic Eagle April 2016

Operation Arctic Eagle is scheduled to take place 8-10 April 2016 at Camp Grayling.  Last year, VDF assisted by providing personnel for the U.S. Marines, and others, to interact with during their training operation.  Personnel will be needed again this year.  The Brigade S3 will be meeting with the National Guard, and LTC Schoemaker, this Friday on 11 March 2016 to iron out details.

An operation order will follow.